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Manufacturers of Surgical , Dental , Manicure & Pedicure , Holloware and Veterinary Instruments
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Welcome to our website! Here you will find extensive range of our instruments.

Vicky Brothers offers health & beautycare professionals and hospitals an exceptional range of medical, dental, veterinary and beauty instruments in line with our high quality services.

The top quality is achieved using high quality raw materials and state of the art manufacturing process, under a stringent quality control and sterile environment. Since our products play a critical role in the demanding fields of surgery, our primary objective is to manufacture products that meet strictest hygiene standards.

Our History


We are a family owned business with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the development of surgical, dental and veterinary instruments and manicure implements. Our history goes back to 1930 when my Grandfather (late) started apprenticeship with a renowned and skilled local manufacturer of surgical instruments in Sialkot. For the years he remained an excellent worker of polishing, grinding and sharpening of instruments. Later, in 1942 he started supplying his own instruments to the local surgical dealers, doctors and hospitals which received great appreciations. In 1964 I joined hands with my father and started exporting to foreign customers as well. With our dedication to quality instruments and hard work soon our instruments reached in many countries like India, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Angola, Morocco and many others. Today, my sons are lending me hand to make FutureEyes progress more and more and take it to the heights of success!


Surgical Instruments Dental Instruments Veterinary Instruments Surgical Holloware Beauty Instruments
  Trocars, Suction Tubes, Cannu
  Bone surgery
  Bone surgery
  Cardiovascular Surgery
  Tooth Extracting Forceps
  Tooth Forceps for Children
  Explorers, Delicate, Flexible
  Amalgam Pistolen
  Instruments for Root Fragment
  Scalers, Curettes
  Titan handels,Working tips
  Grinding Stones, Sterilizable
  Periodontal Instruments & Fil
  Raspatories, Files, Chisel
  Mucotome, Tongue & Plasters S
  Micro Scalpels, Gingivectomy
  Periodontal Surgery Sets, Mun
  Endodontic Microsurgical Set
  Bull Nose
  Scissors & Shears
  Hoof Knives
  Teat Instruments
  Self Retaining Retractors
  Castration Forceps
  Ear Instruments
  Obstetric Instruments
  Dehorning Instruments
  Needle Holders with Carbide T
  Restraining Equipment
  Boxes of Sterilization
  Drums of Sterilization
  Other Accessories
  Pots and Cylinders
  Hair cutting Scissors
  Barber and Dressing Scissors
  Professional Thinning Scissor
  Nail and Cuticle Scissor
  Fancy and Printed Scissors
  House Hold and Taylor Scissor
  Multi-Purpose Plastic Handle
  Eye Brow Tweezers
  Multi-Purpose Tweezers
  Face Black Head Cleaners and
  Cuticle and Nail Pushers
  Nail Care Products
  Cuticle Nail Nippers
  Nail Cutters
  Acrylic Nail Cutters
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